Law Offices of Mark B. Martin, P.A.

Protecting your rights. Achieving your goals.A civil rights law firm with offices located in Baltimore and Montgomery County, Maryland, representing clients throughout the state of Maryland. We provided legal services and advice in the areas of special education law, suspension and expulsion hearings, juvenile justice, criminal defense, and civil and disability rights. Our education law practice includes special education (IDEA), section 504 plans, suspension and expulsion issues, and post secondary education issues such as obtaining needed accommodations. We also represent clients with respect to juvenile law, civil and disability rights issues and criminal defense matters. Mark B. Martin has more than 25 years of experience in both the public and private sector providing efficient legal services and in securing positive results for clients. Our attorneys utilize a client centered approach, working to determine what your goals are and then developing the appropriate legal strategies to meet your needs. After a thorough assessment of your needs, we work with you to understand your options and to help define and achieve successful paths for individuals, families and children. Because we understand the difficulties you face, we gain professional and personal satisfaction by finding solutions for you — our client — and by helping you reach your desired outcome. We also provide advice and referrals to other service providers who can help you to achieve your outcomes. To schedule a consultation and find out how our firm can help you in your legal situation, call the Law Offices of Mark B. Martin, P.A. today.Preeminent practice maximizing efficient processesAt the Law Offices of Mark B. Martin, P.A., we provide client-centered, results-oriented services for the best-quality representation. We have a proven track record of securing favorable results by applying our extensive knowledge to every case. Please click on the Newsletters link for additional information about various, specific legal issues and click on the Reported Cases link to read the legal opinions of some successful educational cases we pursued.

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