Ledbetter & Titsworth, P.A.

Everybody has heard horror stories about lawyers, now read on to learn how our firm is different. We understand that a person, a family and a livelihood has been affected by someone else's mistake and we are entrusted to make it right. We do this by developing a relationship with each client and their family in the pursuit of that goal.

At some law firms, assistants or paralegals are the primary contacts. Existing and potential clients seldom, if ever, get to speak to the lawyer and ask questions. At Ledbetter & Titsworth, the attorneys are the primary contact persons for existing clients and all questions are personally handled by an experienced attorney. The difference with usbegins with listening to our clients.

Remember that you are not alone as you deal with your injuries. During your recovery, we will work closely with all individuals involved in your case to ensure the best possible outcome. We encourage you to ask us questions and be upfront with what you expect from our law firm. If you decide to retain Ledbetter & Titsworth, we promise to work with you and fight for full and fair justice. Please review our client testimonials to learn about their experience with our firm and then call us to experience the difference for yourself.

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