Lokken & Associates, P.C.

We understand—family life is complicated. Because your relationships can sometimes be too difficult to handle on your own, Lokken & Associates, P.C. exists to help make difficult decisions easier. Our Salt Lake City, UT family law firm focuses on your needs first, simply because we understand that your life can change dramatically depending on your case.

How can we help? Simple. We help you make informed decisions. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping clients through all areas of family law, including divorces, issues of child support and alimony, child welfare, and any related issues. Chances are, no matter your problem, our attorneys have helped other clients like you overcome similar challenges and improve their situation. We can do the same for you.

If you’re facing criminal charges, contact us for professional criminal defense, particularly as it pertains to family law issues such as abuse. No matter the charge, we’re here to offer support and assertive legal help. We pride ourselves on being both approachable and professional, which means you can relax and unload some of your stress on us. We also help you alleviate financial stress. You can control your legal costs with our help.

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