Nigro Law Firm, LLC

NIGRO LAW FIRM, LLC specializes in helping clients in all aspects of criminal law. For more than 15 years, we have provided high quality representation and effective legal services to our clients. We have earned a reputation for providing high quality, aggressive legal representation. We strive to protect our client's constitutional rights. Our attorneys are committed to providing excellence in defending the rights of our clients and we are dedicated to ensuring positive results for our clients.

Nigro Law Firm is dedicated to defending individuals and businesses accused of committing serious crimes throughout Kansas and Missouri. Our skilled attorneys are dedicated to criminal defense

work by protecting the rights, privacy and dignity of individuals and businesses accused or charged with committing a crime. Some of our best work is done behind the scenes before an individual or corporation is charged, particularly in the area of white collar crime. If you have received a target letter or subpoena to a grand jury, do not wait to hire a lawyer.

Nigro Law Firm, LLC handles all types of criminal cases. We regularly represent clients on misdemeanor and felony charges in city, state and federal courts in Missouri and Kansas. We defend individuals against a wide range of criminal charges, that include driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), drug offenses, felon in possession, conspiracy, stealing, gun and weapon charges, domestic violence, fraud, assault, probation violations, sex offenses and municipal traffic offenses.

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