Oliver and Treadwell, LLP

Oliver-Treadwell traces its heritage to July 1889. It was on that date that J. Percy Oliver (1866-1943) was admitted to practice law in the Chancery Court of Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Thereafter, J. Percy Oliver maintained a local general practice in Dadeville, Alabama, with various partners and associates. He also served as Probate Judge of Tallapoosa County for many years.

Judge Oliver’s practice was later assumed and continued by his son, Samuel W. Oliver (Mr. Sam) (1904-1967). Mr. Sam’s country law practice encompassed a wide ranging field of client representation. Mr. Sam was prominently known throughout the State of Alabama as one of its most effective litigators in the defense of criminal and automobile liability cases.

Shortly after Mr. Sam’s untimely death, his son and associate, John P. Oliver, II (1942-), grandson of Judge J. Percy Oliver, assumed the practice. He is the senior partner of Oliver-Treadwell, P.C.

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