Opri & Associates

For over twenty-five years, Opri & Associates has been dedicated to bringing the best legal representation to each and every client at a cost that is reasonable. A cornerstone of this philosophy is the focused representation Debra Opri personally provides each client. Opri's exceptional strategic legal talent in her many cases - including many high profile media cases - and her proven track record as a knowledgeable and passionate practitioner during her many years of practice lends authority and innovation to every case Debra Opri handles.

Opri & Associates believes its obligations to its clients go beyond the courtroom. It's commitment to providing intensive levels of personal service and legal experience has been demonstrated throughout the many clients and cases Opri & Associates has taken on throughout the years. The clients of Opri & Associates include people from all walks of life. Opri's legal representation offers the extensive experience, knowledge and compassion needed to advise clients on a level of understanding with the attention commensurate to the needs of the individual client and their case.

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