Orihuela & Associates, PLLC.

Orihuela and Associates focuses on maximizing the value of your accident case. Jose Orihuela has a record of making sure that each of his clients is happy at the end of the day. This is Jose Orihuela’s point of focus when representing you regarding your personal injury or accident. He takes every case personally, because he knows that’s how you would treat it!

Jose Orihuela’s goal is to get the most for his clients that were involved in auto accidents, trucking accidents, refinery injuries, persona injury and wrongful death cases. He will make sure all of his resources are behind each of his cases. He prepares as if every accident case will be going to trial. Opposing accident and personal injury lawyers know that he will take the case to trial if need be. Whether the case be a small car wreck or a wrongful death claim, Jose Orihuela will treat each case as if it were his only case.

Most of all, Jose Orihuela will stand up for you as your lawyer. He knows that this is your one chance and that you are putting your faith in him. He takes this responsibility very seriously and never forgets it. This is reflected on how he treats his clients and never fails to call anyone back. Jose Orihuela works hard to make sure you are treated fairly and with respect. He has the resources and the experience to take on large insurance companies and corporations to make them pay. Let him do the work while you focus on getting better.

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