Packard Law Firm

We know the importance of family and we understand your need to protect your family. We also strive to incorporate that family oriented mentality into the very culture of the firm – from the rapport you have with your attorney to the comfortable environment with the staff.
We have a proven track record. Although we don’t brag about our victories like many of the other guys, we have board certified lawyers who consistently get fantastic results for their clients.
We strive to make you feel like you’re a part of our family—as such, we’ll give it to you straight and work hard to not let you down.
We educate you on all aspects of your case to make sure you understand the process and give you realistic expectations about how long it will take to see results.
We take the time to make sure you completely understand the options available to you at every point, so you can make meaningful decisions about your future.
Our core values stem from mutual respect and honesty—for our clients, our staff, and the courts.
We’re not afraid to take your case to court. Nice and honest does not mean soft or weak.
We understand the importance of dependability and devotion, which is why every client is more than just a case number.
We genuinely care about your future and how we can help you get back on track.
Each one of us has unique skills and talents in our fields, but we are stronger together than we are alone. We rely on each other, and we consult freely among our team if it means getting you a better outcome. If any partner has a really hard case or needs help, he has an army of brothers running to the client’s aid.

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