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If you have been charged with a crime, whether misdemeanor or felony, you need an attorney from the Salt Lake City area. A qualified attorney will know what to look for in defending your case and will be able to help you best decide whether you should go to trial or whether you should take a plea bargain. Too many people think they can’t afford an attorney or that they can handle the matter themselves, and then end up with convictions that have permanent consequences the prosecutor or judge never told them about. Recently I met with a client who handled a case without the assistance of an attorney. That person thought that since the prosecutor told them they wouldn’t go to jail and they could “wrap up the case quickly” the plea bargain was a fair resolution. What that client was NOT told, was that the plea to that particular crime meant they would never be able to hunt or own a firearm ever again. That is just one of the many consequences you can face. My question for you is…..can you afford NOT to have an attorney.

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