Scardino & Fazel

Access and communication between attorney and client are extremely important, to that end, Scardino & Fazel are within easy access at any time, day or night, returning all telephone calls the same day.

All fee agreements are in writing so there are no misunderstandings regarding the necessary retainer and related expenses, if any.

Scardino & Fazel are quite familiar with the publicity a high profile case might attract and are sensitive to their clients' individualized needs, whether media-related or not.

In their representation of their clients, Scardino & Fazel makes certain that no law or fact goes unexamined in preparation and are incorporated in presenting the best defense possible.

The firm is committed to the proposition that the rights guaranteed to each citizen are given full force and are brought to life in the Courtroom. We are fully commited to the HBA Lawyers Mandate.

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