Scott, Kinney, Fjelstad & Mack, Attorneys at Law

Scott, Kinney, Fjelstad & Mack, Attorneys at Law

Representing Injured and Disabled Workers and Individuals

Our firm traces its roots back to the 1950s. Since our founding, we have been on the side of workers and citizens - individuals, not corporations. We handle accident and work claims of all kinds: automobile accidents, worker's compensation claims, insurance claims, wage and hour violations, disability insurance, social security, and employment discrimination based on gender, age, religion, disability or sexual harassment. Whether your injury occurred on a construction site, factory floor, store, office, or highway, it is something we have dealt with before.


Jackson, Thor Ulvestad and Daniel Goodwin started our firm in the 1950s. James Grutz, Brian Scott, Jay Kinney, Daniel Fjelstad, Donna Mack and Rachel Scott joined in order. One of our strengths is the collected experience passed down to the current generation.

Our peers have given our firm an A rating with Martindale-Hubbell for general competency and have given us the highest rating for ethical conduct.

We will get to the heart of your matter, and make a point of telling you what you need to hear so you can maximize your recovery and then get on with your life. Our goal is to obtain full and fair compensation for our clients. Whether you need medical or surgical services, lost wages or time loss compensation, rehabilitation or retraining, or a just final settlement for your pain and suffering and future disability and wage loss, we will fight for you.

Former clients, fellow lawyers, and doctors we have dealt with in the course of our cases often refer individuals to us, demonstrating respect and trust in us, and confidence in the results the lawyers of Scott, Kinney, Fjelstad & Mack, Attorneys at Law obtain.

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