S.L. Pitts & Associates

S.L. Pitts & Associates began as a solo practice in Seattle in 2001, and has evolved into a firm with a decade of successful litigation in the family law arena. In 2011, the firm expanded to Santa Monica. The firm has over forty years of work experience in the legal field, and its clients reap the benefit of the instincts honed by decades of trial, mediation, and hearings practice. Clients often comment on the firm's strategic approach, and appreciate the firm's ability to think about the end-game, and the client's life down the road, post-litigation.

S.L. Pitts & Associates has successfully litigated difficult parenting cases, including disputes over custody due to allegations

of domestic violence, and parenting plans impacted by drug and alcohol problems or mental illness. We have crafted creative residential schedules for unique parenting situations, including third party custody cases and situations where there are more than two parents. The firm also has experience dealing with jurisdictional and international parenting and custody issues.

Our firm emphasizes livable solutions for co-parenting over the long term, recognizing the needs of children, the limitations of parents, and the dynamic nature of family.

The firm specializes in complex property disputes, often where not only a marriage but a business partnership is at issue. The firm's attorneys have successfully negotiated and litigated valuation disputes surrounding closely held and often illiquid equity interests. Community property law can often be as complex as the financial assets it divides. S.L. Pitts & Associates has the experience and expertise required to understand the financial, business, and legal complexity that this area of the law entails.

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