Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law P.L.L.C

At Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law, we firmly believe that focusing almost exclusively on criminal defense makes us better at what we do—defending criminal charges in state and federal courts throughout West Michigan.After all, most prosecutors practice in only one area of the law: criminal law. In order to level the playing field, our attorneys focus almost exclusively on criminal defense. By focusing on criminal defense day-in and day-out, our attorneys have developed:


This helps us master all the various aspects of a criminal case, any one of which could make a tremendous difference in our clients’ cases. When you hire Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law, you are hiring an entire law firm dedicated to criminal defense and can rest assured that we will bring our expertise and wealth of experience to bear in your case and that we are dedicated to trying to win your case or getting you the best possible result.

If you or somebody you know is facing a criminal investigation or criminal charges in state or federal court, we know that it can be a very difficult time for all involved. It may seem like a daunting process to take on the police and prosecutors to prove your innocence and win your case, or even to face the consequences if you feel you did something wrong.

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