The Campisano Law Office

When you contact the Campisano Law Office, you reach a team of Louisville criminal defense lawyers who are dedicated to protecting your best interests. We listen to the details of your case and consider all the aspects of it before determining an appropriate strategy. We do not believe in giving false hope, so we always give you our honest, realistic assessment in a straightforward manner. We prepare you for the worst and then fight to achieve the best possible outcome.

Attorney Frank Campisano is a native of Louisville and has practiced in this area and the surrounding counties since 1985. We are familiar with the area's prosecutors and judges, and we know what may work for your case depending on the court. Additionally, as a long-time Louisville criminal law attorney, Frank Campisano can guide you through each step of the criminal justice system and answer any questions you may have.

We know your situation is stressful and you may have questions about your legal issue. We return calls within a day and keep you in the loop about developments in your case.

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