Charged with a crime? Going through a divorce? Seeking custody, modifications, or enforcement of child support? Injured through the fault or negligence of another? You need an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal maze, stand up and fight for your interests, and protect your rights under the law. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, The Cornett Law Firm, PSC, gives you all of that while offering the personal attention that the largest firms cannot provide.

We work with experienced specialists and experts, to ensure that whether it be a Not Guilty verdict, a large settlement, or custody of your children and possessions we will help you obtain the most favorable result. In addition we will often work with other lawyers, at no additional fee to you, in order to have the most comprehensive analysis of your case possible. Our firm is completely committed, using our extensive legal knowledge and creative approach to solving problems, to providing you with the best representation possible.

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