The Law Office of Barton Morris

The Law Office of Barton Morris is the premier criminal defense firm in Michigan handling state and federal prosecutions all over the state of Michigan. Attorney Morris has been highly successful at handling drug, weapons, theft,DUI and sex offense cases because he is well known, and highly respected among the judges and prosecutors in the Michigan Judicial System.

Barton’s aggressive and tenacious style consistently gets great results. The key to getting those fantastic results is that Barton W. Morris, Jr., unlike most lawyers, is an accomplished TRIAL LAWYER. His skills were developed through the benefit of the specialized training in trying many criminal cases and he also has the experience necessary to demand the respect of the legal community.

No lawyer can get you the best possible outcome unless they are adequately PREPARED FOR TRIAL. Sufficient preparation for a jury trial lets prosecutors and judges know that they are in for a fight which always leads to great results.

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