The Law Office of Beth L. Rogers, L.L.C.

Beth Rogers founded Beth L. Rogers, L.L.C. to handle divorce or family law matters in a way that benefits both your individual rights and interests and those of your family. When two people decide to end a marriage, they need to make decisions regarding children, property and their future. Beth Rogers seeks to help you make informed decisions and minimize conflict. If your case does go to court, she will aggressively advocate for your rights.

Ms. Rogers has extensive experience assisting parties to settle disputes through mediation. During the mediation process, the parties negotiate the terms of their divorce, custody or property dispute in the hopes of reaching a separation agreement and/or a parenting plan. Mediation spares clients the associated court costs and the emotional angst of litigation.

Beth Rogers deeply cares about you. She is focused and devoted, providing one-on-one attention to each client. A child of divorced parents, she is determined to make the process easier for your family than it was for her family.

Every family is different — presenting a unique situation and set of challenges. Ms. Rogers tailors her services to meet the specific needs of each client. Her goal is to educate and communicate — to give you a full understanding of the law, the possible outcomes and the legal process so you can make better decisions.

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