The Law Office of Gwendolyn G. Connolly

The Law Office of Gwendolyn G. Connolly provides a suite of legal services that are simply not offered at just any law firm:

  • Family law practice—The breakdown of a relationship or a marriage can be devastating for families, and the divorce and separation process can make this emotional time even more stressful. Connolly’s family law practice is diverse and offers clients knowledge of both the traditional legal processes for divorce and collaborative approaches that are built on cooperation and a non-adversarial environment. Whether clients are looking for a divorce or seeking to enforce or modify an existing agreement, the Law Office of Gwendolyn G. Connolly can help.
  • Consumer advocacy—Few attorneys in Wisconsin focus on consumer fraud and advocacy, and Connolly is in the top among those select few. With experience in automobile fraud, wrongful repossession, telemarketing scams, and deceptive and misleading sales and lending practices, the Law Office of Gwendolyn G. Connolly is proud to serve as a premiere consumer law firm in Milwaukee, WI. Connolly’s consumer advocacy practice also extends to enforcing consumers’ rights under fair debt collection laws.

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