The Law Office of Tim Smith, P.C.

The Law Office of Tim Smith, P.C. focuses primarily on the representation of victims of serious accidents and professional and commercial misconduct, working to protect the rights of individuals and families whose lives have been interrupted by tragic loss of limb or life caused by the negligence of others or defective products. A secondary focus of the firm is on representing those who have suffered economic hardship or loss caused by fraudulent, deceptive or unfair business practices or breach of fiduciary responsibilities.The mission of The Law Office of Tim Smith, P.C. is to use and incorporate the help of qualified experts in accident reconstruction, forensic engineering, design, human factors, medicine, biomechanics, biomedicine, materials science and metallurgy, epidemiology, law enforcement, economics, life care planning, and psychology, in order to perform diligent investigation and preservation of evidence and the rights of our clients for presentation to the jury, so that they may concentrate on restoring the fundamental affairs of their families, businesses, and lives. The firm's goal is to redress the wrongs caused upon innocent victims and assist in the promotion of and motivation for safe activities and the sale of safe and quality products and services.

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