The Law Offices Of Jan Baisch

Insurance companies have thousands of claims but our clients have only one. If they make a bad decision about any aspect of their claim, they will have to live with that decision, in addition to whatever disaster has already altered their lives.

We have the experience necessary to succeed at trial. We have tried cases in counties throughout Oregon. We know the judges, the insurance companies and the opposing lawyers. We have earned their respect and the respect of countless juries for vigorous and thorough representation of our clients.

Not every case should go to trial. However, the fact that we are willing to try cases and try them well, significantly impacts potential case results.

We have the resources to thoroughly investigate and try each case. When we walk into a courtroom or a settlement conference, we bring credibility because we have represented plaintiffs in this community since 1974. We possess a highly practiced knowledge of the law and are committed to each case until final resolution by settlement or verdict. We strive to be "lawyers’ lawyers," and welcome plaintiff referrals from other attorneys. We pay referral fees to attorneys according to the rules of professional conduct of the Oregon State Bar. All of our work is on contingent fee basis and we have the resources to carry all litigation costs. Our case history speaks for itself.

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