The Law Offices of Kevin E. Dellett

The Law Office of Kevin E. Dellett in Overland Park, Kansas, was founded in 1995 on a commitment to providing personalized attention and creative and determined criminal defense representation to clients in Johnson County, Kansas City and nearby areas of Kansas, facing any type of criminal charge, from misdemeanor assault.

As a dedicated criminal defense trial attorney for over 20 Years, I am prepared to fight for your rights at every stage of the process and I am ready and able to offer a strong and persistent defense at trial.

Sometimes, accepting an easy plea agreement may seem like the best way to keep you from losing a job, paying a large fine or going to jail. At my criminal defense law firm, I balance this perception with a full consideration of the potential results of a guilty plea: having difficulty in getting a job in the future, losing gun rights, having to register as a sex offender, losing child custody or visitation rights or being left open to a lawsuit. To discuss your options and realistic outcomes, contact me today.

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