The Prendergast Law Firm P.C.

As talented litigators, the attorneys of Prendergast & Associates, P.C. are driven to achieve fair courtroom resolutions in even the most difficult of cases. Given the technical sophistication of today's court room, we've made every effort to cultivate a team of knowledgeable, experienced attorneys who know how to investigate criminal matters as well as work with financial experts in divorce cases. Prepared to work with expert witness resources as required, we also use a number of multi-media tools to illustrate difficult issues for jurors and the court. Whether we're explaining discrepancies in eyewitness testimony regarding a crime scene or explaining the value of a closely held business in a divorce case, we can use multi-media presentation technology to enhance the effectiveness of our clients' cases.We've made a name for ourselves successfully managing some of the toughest cases Colorado has recently seen. For more information regarding our practice and how we can help you, contact Prendergast & Associates, P.C. today for a free evaluation of your difficult legal issue.

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