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Weary Davis, L.C.

Weary Davis, L.C. has a proud and long history of serving clients in North Central Kansas. The Firm was formed in 1917 by the late U.S. Weary and has been in continuous operation since then. Not only is it one of the oldest law firms in Kansas, Weary Davis is the largest law firm in the area and maintains fully-staffed offices in both Junction City and Manhattan, Kansas.

The staff at Weary Davis consists of ten lawyers and ten full-time support staff persons. We pride ourselves on the stability of our staff in terms of tenure with our Firm. Four of our lawyers have been with Weary Davis for over 20 years, we intentionally hire lawyers for the long run with our Firm, and a number of support staff people have been with us in excess of 10 years. The experience, stability and work ethic of our Firm enables us to provide the exceptional and resourceful services that our clients have come to expect legal work of a quality difficult to find outside of major law firms in larger urban areas.

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