Weaver & Associates

Built on the foundation of providing incredible service to clients, our law firm is known for being the law firm that wows clients. With 24/7 emergency service as necessary, powerful bankruptcy protection, and personalized, caring service. Clients find that the team members at the law firm are out to find the best possible financial outcome, regardless of whether that means more or less money for the law firm.

Offering affordable payment terms, our law firm is patient and will work with clients to come up with a way to pay for bankruptcy. In contrast, some law firms might encourage a particular client to enter chapter 13 bankruptcy with the intention of charging more attorney fees, our law firm would first seek to make sure there is a powerful, compelling reason to enter chapter 13 bankruptcy. Otherwise, chapter 7 bankruptcy offers many clients powerful financial relief at a lower overall cost. This is just one example of how our law firm puts clients first.

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