Woodruff Family Law Group

Through care, integrity, and honesty, we at Woodruff Family Law Group are committed to leading the State of North Carolina in providing creative and impactful solutions for you, our clients. Our focus will always be achieving your most important goals and objectives, from your initial consultation and throughout every step we take together on behalf of you and every member of your family who is important to your case.

We vigorously pursue the best outcome that is legally attainable so that each and every individual we represent can reach the highest quality of health and well-being for his or her future. With emphasis on complete financial analysis, including accurate valuation of

businesses, pensions, and other assets, and in-depth budget designing, you, our clients are given the details and understanding needed to successfully plan for your future and that of your loved ones.

We work in an atmosphere of harmony and trust that provides a positive self-image for each team member at Woodruff Family Law Group, which means we are able to serve you, our clients with the highest quality of service each and every day.

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