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Attorney Michael Ehline is the person who would never sit silent until he’s done something for the justice of people. From his personal observation of the world around him he’s understood that victims of personal injury cases can become desperate quite often. He himself is the victim of a terrible rollover car accident, which is one of the things that led him to becoming a car accident expert.

Michael Ehline has clung strongly to his Scandinavian-American values bequeathed to him by his parents. He’s honest, he works hard to the end and believes strongly in self-dependence. He’s been a part of US Military – a United States Marine.

He’s done sales business in Los Angeles. He’s done construction work and much more. Throughout his life he’s been dedicated to “doing something.” After working with some great names such as Gary Dordick, and receiving Juris Doctorate in Los Angeles, he has understood everything about Los Angeles, its people and their matters. He’s currently a part of dozens of organizations and supports many of them for fighting for justice. Some of the organizations that he supports or works as a member of include Web O Trust Legal Whitelisting Network, Personal Injury Warriors, Million Dollar Lawyer’s Award, Circle of Legal Trust, Spinal Cord Meeting, American Inns of Court, North American Brain Injury Society etc.

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