Steven Fromm

Steven J. Fromm has been a lawyer engaged in the practice of estate, probate, tax and business;law in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania for over 35 years. Individuals, estates and trusts, professionals, small business owners, professional corporations, C corporations, S corporations, limited liability corporations (LLCs), sole proprietorship's and partnerships rely on him for sound and practical legal and tax counsel, to save them money and taxes, and to solve their particular legal, tax, estate or business law problems. Clients can expect and be assured that he will carefully listen to their particular and specific family, business or tax concerns. Income, estate and gift taxes, business, retirement, or wealth transfer needs and goals are considered and weighed. Mr. Fromm's legal experience in estate planning, probate, tax and business law is carefully applied to develop appropriate, practical and cost effective legal and tax strategies and solutions. With active client input, legal documents are drafted to meet the particular and specific income tax, business, estate and gift tax, retirement, or wealth transfer needs and goals. This care, attention to detail, and diligence is at the heart of finding the best strategy or solution to a client's unique tax or legal problems. Each and every client will get the benefit of his 35 years of practice, experience, training, technical expertise, his diligence and concern for their problems, and his continuous and never-ending study of tax, estate and business law. - See more at:

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