Unskilled Work

Definition - What does Unskilled Work mean?

Unskilled work pertains to work that can be performed without any skill, requires little or no judgment, and can be learned in less than a month. Work that is physical in nature and requires repetition or jobs that are associated with tasks that a person would normally carry out within their daily lives, such as cooking and cleaning, are also considered unskilled work.

When applied by the Social Security Disability Administration, unskilled work is one of the categories available in order to describe an applicant's employment history.

Unskilled work is also known as manual labor.

Justipedia explains Unskilled Work

There are basically three types of work: skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled. Unskilled labor is also known as manual labor. It usually involves physical strength or bodily movement. These classifications exist within the context of Social Security designation. A person who applies for social security will be required to take a range of physical and mental tests relating to their abilities and their ability to perform the specific work they are or were employed to do. The majority of social security claimants will fall into the category of unskilled work as there is a causal link between manual labor and physical injury which causes a person to become unable to continue performing the designated tasks.

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