Unsuccessful Work Attempts

Definition - What does Unsuccessful Work Attempts mean?

An unsuccessful work attempt refers to when an applicant for Social Security Income (SSI) gains employment during the application process but loses the work within six months due to their disability. What makes a work attempt unsuccessful in this context is based on whether or not the employee had the physical capacity to continue working the job for a prolonged period of time. This may happen because of the employee's inability to lift the required weight amounts or complete repetitive work in a time frame that would allow the person to continue to be successfully employed.

Justipedia explains Unsuccessful Work Attempts

In order for a work attempt to be considered unsuccessful the person must be unable to complete the required job duties and not just unwilling. If a person were to take up a role that they were able to physically complete but then quit the job for a reason unrelated to physical ability, this would not qualify as an unsuccesful work attempt.

Unsuccessful work attempts happen when a person is disabled but is still trying to find work that they can do. Then they are forced to quit because of their inability to perform their assigned tasks due to their disability.
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