Absolute Nuisance

Definition - What does Absolute Nuisance mean?

An absolute nuisance is a type of tort or civil wrong in which a party does something that annoys or causes some sort of infringement of the rights of another party. Defendants are completely liable for their own actions if they create a nuisance. Lawsuits can arise over such nuisances. Legal consequences can follow if a person is found to have created a nuisance.

Justipedia explains Absolute Nuisance

There are a number of different rights that can be violated to create a nuisance. For example, a man could set up extremely loud speakers and practice the trumpet on them at full volume for four hours a day. Doing so could infringe upon his neighbors' rights to the peaceful enjoyment of their property. In this case, the man would be completely liable for his behavior, and thus it would be an absolute nuisance. Absolute nuisances are an alternative to negligent nuisances.

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