Ad Litem

Definition - What does Ad Litem mean?

Ad Litem is a Latin term which means, "for legal purposes only" or "for the purpose of the suit." Ad Litem is commonly used in reference to people who stand in for others who are not fit to carry out their own trial, such as minors and people who are deemed incompetent. Parents who take responsibility for their child's trial are known as "guardians ad litem."

In some instances, an external party, also known as a guardian ad litem, can be appointed by the court to act as a spokesperson for the child or incompetent person and what would be best for them.This cost is often split by the parties involved; occasionally, the court will order just one side to pay for this service.

Justipedia explains Ad Litem

Many people are unfit to take responsibility for the management of their own trials. It could be because they are too young, too unhealthy, or for other reasons. When these people seek help representing themselves, they are giving other people the power to manage their legal responsibilities ad litem, or, for the purpose of the suit. It does not mean that the representative will always have that power. They only have it for the purpose of the suit.

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