Definition - What does Adjudication mean?

An adjudication is the act of sentencing or ruling on a case. It can also mean an act of arbitration. At the core of an adjudication is that there are two sides who disagree on a topic. A third party intervenes and makes a ruling on the matter or matters involved. This person can be either a judge or an arbitrator. Their ruling or decision is termed an adjudication. If it is done on an arbitration level, a person may or may not be able to take the case further to court. This depends on what they agreed at the outset of the alternative dispute resolution process.

Justipedia explains Adjudication

There are times that parties agree to stick to the ruling made during the alternative dispute resolution process. If they do not, then either side can take the case further to court or appeal the court decision. An appeal of an adjudication has to be done in a timely manner or the person will lose the ability and the adjudication will stand.

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