Adjustment of Status (AOS)

Definition - What does Adjustment of Status (AOS) mean?

Adjustment of status is a legal, administrative process employed in some immigration cases. Specifically, it allows people who previously entered the United States as refugees, parolees or non-immigrants who meet certain criteria to become lawful permanent residents. Finally, it is only applicable in situations in which the applicant can qualify for an immigrant visa and it can be procured immediately.

Justipedia explains Adjustment of Status (AOS)

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handles adjustment of status cases. According to the agency, there are nine different steps in the adjustment of status process. These are:

  • Determining whether the applicant can apply for lawful permanent residence (a green card)
  • Filing an immigrant petition (if necessary)
  • Verifying the availability of an immigrant visa (if necessary)
  • Filing applicable forms for adjustment of status
  • Going to the ensuing appointment
  • Going to the ensuing interview (if necessary)
  • Providing additional evidence and supporting documents (if necessary)
  • Monitoring the case status
  • Getting a decision

Depending on the circumstances, applicants can file an appeal or a motion seeking reconsideration if the application for adjustment of status is denied.

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