Administrative Hearing

Definition - What does Administrative Hearing mean?

An administrative hearing is an event that is similar to a trial, but different in several key ways. In an administrative hearing, evidence is presented and testimonies are given as in a trial. However, there is not a jury of peers in an administrative hearing. Instead, an administrative agency or an administrative law judge makes the final rulings. Also, administrative hearings are less formal, and are typically shorter.

Justipedia explains Administrative Hearing

Administrative hearings are basically just trials that are not as formal as traditional court. However, despite the fact that they are less formal and take less time to complete, they still serve the same purpose as trials; to see that justice is carried out. Administrative hearings can vary from a few brief arguments with no presenting of evidence to more detailed affairs with evidence and testimonies, etc. At the end of an administrative hearing, a decision is made by the administrative agency or the administrative law judge.

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