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Definition - What does Administratrix mean?

An administratrix is a woman who manages the estate of someone who dies with or without leaving a will. An Administratrix can be appointed by the probate court or named in a will. It is their responsibility to handle the assets and liabilities of the deceased. Letters of administration are granted to the administratrix to give them the authority to manage the estate.

Justipedia explains Administratrix

If a person dies without leaving a will, or declaring an administrator or administratrix, then it is necessary that someone be appointed to manage their estate. An administratrix is a female of legal age that is appointed to carry out the necessary tasks required to close out the estate. Administratrix is the female alternative to the word "administrator." However, the word administrator can apply to either sex. Whether they go by administrator or administratrix, it is still their job to manage the estates once they are appointed during the probate process.

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