Definition - What does Adoption mean?

Adoption is the process in which a person or a couple becomes the formal legal guardian(s) of a child that was conceived by another couple. In other words, adoption is when a person or a couple assumes the role of the parent(s) for a child who is not their biological offspring.

Adoptions are legally binding and, once made, the adoptive parents have full custody and responsibility for the child.

Justipedia explains Adoption

In order to become an adoptive parent, a person must go through a screening process with an adoption agency. There are a number of factors that could potentially prevent a person from being approved as an adoptive parent. For example, a history with felonies or other criminal charges, as well as drug use, could potentially disqualify a person from becoming an adoptive parent.

Some adoptions are open, meaning that the biological parents keep in contact with the adopted child; and some are closed, meaning that they do not.

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