Definition - What does Affiant mean?

An affidavit is created when the sworn statements of fact, either written or spoken, made by an affiant are recorded.

After making a statement, an affiant swears to the veracity of their statement before an officer, such as a notary public, who is bestowed with the authority to administer the oath.

Justipedia explains Affiant

A witness becomes an affiant when their statements are given in the form of an affidavit. An affidavit carries a higher weight of believability in court because the affiant’s statement is witnessed by an officer possessing the vested authority to verify oaths.

Affiants' statements are often used in court proceedings when a witness cannot appear in court. This practice often occurs in estate law when the court is dividing an estate according to the deceased’s will, which is a type of affidavit.

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