Alford Plea

Definition - What does Alford Plea mean?

An Alford Plea is a plea in which a criminal defendant acknowledges that he or she will likely be proven guilty without having to admit that he or she committed the crime. The court will declare the defendant guilty if he or she gives an Alford Plea. Alford Pleas are commonly used if the defendant has no recollection of the incident.

Justipedia explains Alford Plea

Alford Pleas can also be used if a defendant is trying to prevent a more serious charge. Alford Pleas can be used if a defendant was under the influence of drugs during the crime and cannot remember whether or not he committed the action. For example, a drunk driver may be on trial for destruction of property among other things after crashing his car into a store while under the influence. In this circumstance, he or she may use an Alford Plea because he or she can't remember whether or not he or she did it.

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