Amicus Curiae

Definition - What does Amicus Curiae mean?

Amicus curiae is a Latin term that means "a friend of the court."

In the context of the law, this term refers to people who are not involved in a lawsuit, but who help the court in regard to a case. Amici curiae (plural) are usually lawyers or other legal professionals.

Justipedia explains Amicus Curiae

Amici curiae are usually not paid for offering their help to the court. Courts often reach out to amici curiae, or vice versa, because the amicus curiae possesses expertise on certain subject matter that is relevant for a given trial. This can be very helpful for cases that are highly complex and that can benefit from an expert opinion or interpretation.

Amici curiae often file briefs for the benefit of the court on certain issues relating to the trial and/or case.

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