Amount in Controversy

Definition - What does Amount in Controversy mean?

Amount in controversy refers to the exact amount of money that is sought in damages or that a person is demanding in relief for a particular lawsuit. Whether or not the amount in controversy will be forced to be paid to the plaintiff by the defendant(s) is the subject of many civil lawsuits.

Justipedia explains Amount in Controversy

Depending on the nature of the lawsuit, the amount in controversy could be anywhere from $500 all the way to hundreds of millions of dollars. Torts, or civil wrongs, come in many different varieties, so values in controversy can vary widely.

An example of a value in controversy would be if a man sues his neighbor for $3,000 after the neighbor accidentally destroyed a marble statue on the man's yard by hitting it with a football, causing it to crash into a cement patio. In this case, the value in controversy would be $3,000.

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