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Antenuptial Agreement

Definition - What does Antenuptial Agreement mean?

An antenuptial agreement is also commonly referred to as a prenuptial agreement or prenup. It is a contract that is entered into between intended spouses prior to marriage to outline the division of assets should they split and divorce in the future. These contracts are made to protect individual assets from being treated like common assets in cases of divorce and split equally between spouses. If an antenuptial agreement is willingly entered into and is fair, it will be upheld at the time of a divorce.

Justipedia explains Antenuptial Agreement

Antenuptial agreements can be countered and ruled against in instances where it is proven it was signed under duress or that the person did not understand what they were signing or the terms were not equitable in light of all factors. Both parties should have the agreement examined by their own personal attorneys before signing it.

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