Definition - What does Antitrust mean?

Antitrust refers to the section of law that deals with regulating marketplaces to keep them fair.

Antitrust laws include laws that prohibit price fixing, monopolies, predatory acts and other unscrupulous business practices. The goal of antitrust laws is to preserve the integrity and the fairness of business markets for consumers.

Justipedia explains Antitrust

Many antitrust laws are derived from the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. It was passed by Congress as an effort to stop anti-competitive business practices from occurring. Anti-competitive business practices include the formation of monopolies or trusts that dominate markets and can therefore control prices.

Creating monopolies can be appealing for businesses because it can drive prices up. However, for the same reason, it can be very unappealing for consumers, and bad for the overall economy.

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