Approach the Witness

Definition - What does Approach the Witness mean?

The term approach the witness is used in a court room when an attorney wishes to approach the witness box to hand them a piece of evidence for review or to stand close enough to allow them to see a piece of evidence. The attorney must request permission from the judge to approach the witness box before doing so. The term is used by either the prosecution or the defense team to the judge when making such a request.

Justipedia explains Approach the Witness

It is normal for the request by a prosecution or defense team to approach the witness to be granted because in most cases it is mandatory for the witness to be able to see the piece of evidence in order to confirm or deny whether the piece is the correct one being shown. There are times where the request is not granted. In such instances, it is usually because of the graphic, distressing, or redundant nature of the request.

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