Attractive Nuisance Doctrine

Definition - What does Attractive Nuisance Doctrine mean?

The attractive nuisance doctrine is a doctrine that states that a property owner can potentially be liable for injuries occurring to children on his or her property if he or she leaves an attractive nuisance unattended for long periods of time. An attractive nuisance is something that could attract children, but that could be dangerous, such as a tractor.

Justipedia explains Attractive Nuisance Doctrine

Under the attractive nuisance doctrine, property owners can be held liable, even if the children sneak onto the property as trespassers. For example, if a man leaves a backhoe unattended on his property for two months, and children sneak onto the property to climb on it, the man could still be held accountable for any injuries (just for leaving it there without keeping an eye on it). A number of jurisdictions in America have gotten rid of the attractive nuisance doctrine. However, they still may have requirements for safe property management.

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