Badgering the Witness

Definition - What does Badgering the Witness mean?

"Badgering the witness" is the term used when an attorney is questioning a witness on the stand, and is being unduly snide or pushy, or bullies the witness to answer the question.

When an attorney badgers a witness, the other side will use an objection to seek the judge's intervention. If the judge agrees that the attorney is badgering the witness, the objection will stand. The attorney will then need to find another way of asking the question and use a less forceful or less threatening tone.

Justipedia explains Badgering the Witness

During a court case, it is expected of both attorneys to be polite and respectful while questioning witnesses. They are not allowed to lead the witness to say something or push them in an effort to force a response. If an attorney does this, the other side will notice and it is their obligation to object when necessary. If the other side does not object, the judge will not necessarily stop the questions.

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