Bail Bond

Definition - What does Bail Bond mean?

A bail bond is a cash surety that is put up by a person who has been arrested for a crime, allowing him or her to be released from jail until the court date comes. The bond is an agreement between the person who was charged with a crime and the court; it guarantees that the person will return to the court to face trial. The agreement is based on the premise that the bond is returned if the person shows up for the hearing; if they do not show up, they lose the bond.

Justipedia explains Bail Bond

A bail bond is an opportunity for a person who has been arrested. It provides the person with the chance to wait for their upcoming trial or court hearing at home rather than in jail. If the person is not considered a flight risk, they have the opportunity to provide a bail bond for their release. Cash is the most commonly used option for bail bonds, but assets, such as houses, can be put up as well. Bail bondsmen are the people who are usually chosen to apply for the bond on behalf of the person in jail. The amount of a bond is determined based on several factors, including the severity of the crime and the person's personal circumstances.

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