Definition - What does Abandonment mean?

Abandonment is the voluntary surrendering or giving up of something. Abandonment can lead to the transferred ownership of something, or a stripping of certain legal rights. The term "abandonment" is used in several different areas of law. For example, property can be abandoned, children can be abandoned, spouses can be abandoned, trademarks can be abandoned, etc.

Justipedia explains Abandonment

In the instance of child abandonment, this can lead to a parent or parents' rights of guardianship being stripped, as the life of the child may have been put in danger. For example, a married couple may simply decide to move somewhere and not take their ten-year-old child with them. In these circumstances, the care of the child could be given to the state, and then to foster parents or adoptive parents.

There are also legal protocols for dealing with abandoned property, trademarks, etc.

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