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Blanket Search Warrant

Definition - What does Blanket Search Warrant mean?

A blanket search warrant is a search warrant that is larger and more wide reaching than the average search warrant. Blanket search warrants grant law enforcement the power to search more areas than they would otherwise be able to search. For example, a normal search warrant may allow police to search a person's house. However, a blanket search warrant might allow the police to search a person's house, their car, their phone records, their office, etc.

Justipedia explains Blanket Search Warrant

Basically, a blanket search warrant is a search warrant that is simply more powerful than a typical search warrant. If the search warrant is too broad, then issues can arise as to its constitutionality. Search warrants must be in line with the Fourth Amendment which protects citizens from unlawful searches and seizures. Another characteristic of a blanket search warrant is that it may not always specify exactly what law enforcement is seeking. The judge may just grant the police authorization to look for whatever they want.

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