Board of Education v. Earls (2002)

Definition - What does Board of Education v. Earls (2002) mean?

Board of Education v. Earls (2002) was a landmark case in which the Supreme Court made a ruling about drug testing high school and middle school students who participate in sports. The Supreme Court ruled that it was not a violation of the Fourth Amendment to drug test high school students participating in school sports without a warrant in this case.

Justipedia explains Board of Education v. Earls (2002)

The case was very close; five Supreme Court Justices voted for it, and four voted against it. This case made it all the way to the Supreme Court after several students and their parents in Oklahoma filed suit against their school board after the drug testing policy was announced.

The drug testing policy also extended to other competitive extracurricular activities, such as debate, math competitions and any other situation that involved students competing against each other in a school-sponsored, organized fashion.

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