Brady Rule

Definition - What does Brady Rule mean?

The Brady Rule is a requirement that a prosecution team has to share information with the defense team that portrays the defense in a positive light or which would help their case if they are requested by the defense team to do so. This is in line with a person's right to a fair trial and is an extension of the rights conveyed to citizens from the Constitution. The rule was named for the first case to force a judge to rule on this subject and has been active on the legal books since 1963.

Justipedia explains Brady Rule

The prosecution team collects evidence independently from the defense team but also has access to the internal documents held against an individual by the court and judicial system at large. It is reasonable to assume that at times the prosecution has access to information that the defense cannot gain without going through the defense or their side. It would not be in the best interest of the court for a defendant not to have access to all the facts that surround the case they are being tried in.

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